Sentence Examples

  • Bibulus became a virtual prisoner in his own house, and Caesar placed himself outside the pale of the free republic. Thus the programme of the coalition was carried through.
  • Bibulus, who belonged to the as the provincia of the consuls of B.e.the supervision Gallic p 59 P wars.
  • BIBULUS, a surname of the Roman gens Calpurnia.
  • The bestknown of those who bore it was Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus, consul with Julius Caesar, 59 B.C. He was the candidate put forward by the aristocratical party in opposition to L.
  • When the relations of Caesar and Pompey became strained, Bibulus supported Pompey (Plutarch, Cato Minor, 41) and joined in proposing his election as sole consul (52 B.C.).

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