Bible Belt Definition

Those sections of the United States, especially in the South and Midwest, where Protestant fundamentalism is widely practiced.
American Heritage
Those regions of the U.S., particularly areas in the South, where fundamentalist beliefs prevail and Christian clergy are especially influential.
Webster's New World

An area which socially conservative Christian Evangelical Protestantism is a pervasive or dominant part of the culture.

In the U.S. a region in the Southern or southeastern part of the country where Southern Baptist Convention denomination is strong, noted for conservative and evangelical values.

Origin of Bible Belt

  • The name is derived from the heavy emphasis on literal interpretations of the Bible in Evangelical denominations. The term "Bible Belt" was coined by the American journalist and social commentator, H.L. Mencken, in the early 1920s.

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  • Bible + belt in the sense of a strip of area on a map.

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