Sentence Examples

  • BH: Of course, this will vary by case and the available evidence, but a judge can require the collector to pay you damages if you can prove that you suffered lost wages or other hardships.
  • The mixture probably contained also some BH 3.
  • If these equations could be assumed to hold when H is indefinitely small, it would follow that has a finite initial value, from which there would be no appreciable deviation in fields so weak that bH was negligibly small in comparison with a.
  • Thus we shall call the first inclined line on the left hand the line AG, the line representing the first force on the top left-hand joint AB, the first horizontal member at the top left hand the line BH, &c; similarly each point requires at least three letters to denote it; the top first left-hand joint may be called Abhg, being the point where these four spaces meet.
  • The rods BC and DB carry two small rods EF, GF jointed at F; at this joint there is a pin which slides in a slot on the rod BH, which is normal to the mirror X.