Sentence Examples

  • Burghers of all denominations are enrolled in one or other of the arts or gilds, and these trading companies furnish the material from which the government or signoria bf the city is composed.
  • He had much bf the Arab nature, was singularly temperate, and equal to any amount of fatigue.
  • The factors Af (u-v cos i) and Bf (v sin i) give the frictional resistance to sinking, per unit length of the cable, in the direction of the length and transverse to the length respectively.
  • Moreover the second term on the left contains (a f)' c -2b z 2 = 2 (a f) k-2b x 2 - (b) /0-2a 2 � if k be uneven, and (af)?'bx (i f) of) '-la if k be even; in either case the factor (af) bx - (bf) ax = (ab) f, and therefore (n-k),bk+1 +M�f = k(n-2)f.(uf)uxn-2k-1; and 4 ' +1 is seen to be of the form f .14+1.
  • In 1357, however, Alphonso died, and the infante was crowned king bf Portugal.