Sentence Examples

  • But the regular importation of agricultural implements betokens an improvement in this respect.
  • He became a candidate for the Illinois House of Representatives; and on the 9th of March 1832 issued an address "To the people of Sangamon county" which betokens talent and education far beyond mere ability to "read, write and cipher," though in its preparation he seems to have had the help of a friend.
  • Experiences the same pleasurable thrill as did the skeppist of old at the sight of the first drone of the year, which betokens an early swarm.
  • Engaged in conversation with some visitor to the engineroom, talks apparently undisturbed by all the multifold noise and rattle of the machinery, but let the noise alter in some item which, though unnoticeable to the visitor, betokens importance to the trained ear, and his passive attention is in a moment caught.
  • The existence of neuralgia usually betokens a depressed or enfeebled state of health.

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