Sentence Examples

  • Including notes of red berries, pink peppercorn, bergamot, iris, freesia, lily of the valley, violet, vanilla, white rose, ylang ylang, white woods, sandalwood and skin musk, the scent is not as complex as its vast composition suggests.
  • Currently, Kiss My Face lotion for hands includes a wonderful organic grapefruit and bergamot Hand Crème and a Hand Alert repairing lotion containing alpha hydroxy acids, sunscreen, and moisturizers for smooth, beautiful hands.
  • Launched in 2005, the fragrance immediately stole hearts with its soft, pleasant blend of mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, apple martini, lavender, patchouli, paper whites, cedar, orchid, white amber, woods and musk.
  • This scent boasts a warm mélange of blood orange, bergamot, black currant, red sake accord, nectarine, pink peppercorn, jasmine, sensual musk, cedarwood, forbidden plum, patchouli and sandalwood.
  • The men's version of Just Me is a blend of lemon zest, bergamot, tangerine, blackcurrant, crushed grass, lime, clove bud, sage, lotus, redwood, patchouli, moss, incense and amber crystal.