Sentence Examples

  • Testi, Parma (Bergamo, 1905).
  • San Pietro de' Cassinensi (outside the Porta Romana) is a basilica with nave and aisles, founded in the beginning of the i 1th century by San Pietro Vincioli on the site of a building of the 6th century, and remarkable for its conspicuous spire, its ancient granite and marble columns, its walnut stall-work of 1535 by Stefano de' Zambelli da Bergamo, and its numerous pictures (by Perugino, &c.).
  • Gallenga Stuart, Perugia (Bergamo, 1905; W.
  • With the exception of a few subAlpine districts near Bergamo and Brescia, the great Lombard plain is decidedly unpastoral.
  • The Bergamo sheep is the largest breed in the country; that of Cadore and Belluno approaches it in size.