Sentence Examples

  • Bd, Enlargement of the oesophagus, armed with chitinous teeth..
  • 1, Bd) are very intimately fused together to form what is called the "lower lip" or labium, a firm transverse plate representing the fused basal portions of the maxillae, which may carry a small median "ligula," representing apparently the fused inner maxillary lobes, a pair of paraglossae (outer maxillary lobes), and a pair of palps.
  • (1901), p. 547; Staub, Semon's Forschungsreisen (5 Bd., 1900); C. B.
  • Of especial interest is the 0 curve BD; along this line liquid and rhombic sulphur are in equilibrium, which means that at above 131° and 400 atmospheres the rhombic (and not the monoclinic) variety would separate from liquid sulphur.
  • Cantor's Vorlesungen fiber Geschichte der Mathematik (Leipzig, 1st Bd., 1880; 2nd Bd., 1892; 3rd Bd., 1898; 4th Bd., 1908; 1st Bd., von den eiltesten Zeiten bis zum Jahre 1200, n.