Sentence Examples

  • The Third Servile War occurred in the Roman Republic from 73 BC to 71 BC.
  • In 58 BC, Clodius Pulcher ran on a "free grain for the poor" platform as he tried to become tribune.
  • For example, rae Arenarion in one climatic or geographical region might be in~~ med an a-Arenarion and one in a different region a a-Arena- ~j1j ri, and so on (Moss, bc. cit.).
  • 2, let BC be a small portion of any isothermal corresponding to the temperature 0', and AD a neighbouring isothermal 0".
  • Let BE be an isometric through B meeting AD in E, and EC an isopiestic through E meeting BC in C. Let BA, CD be adiabatics through B and C meeting the isothermal 0" in A and D.