Sentence Examples

  • Celebrities such as Kim Basinger and Gary Sinise have teamed up with Baume & Mercier to help support their favorite charities (education, animals, and the environment for Basinger and cancer cures and the environment for Sinise).
  • Should your watch need servicing or repair, you can take it to any authorized dealer listed at the above link or to an after-sales service center, which is also listed on the Baume & Mercier website.
  • Baume & Mercier offers many styles for women from frilly and feminine to sporty and casual, but probably one of the most notable designs is the ladies Baume & Mercier Diamant collection.
  • In 1918, William Baume (a descendant of Pierre Baume) and Paul Mercier merged into a partnership, Mercier bringing an artistic flair and superior design quality to the company.
  • The ladies Baume & Mercier Diamant collection is stylish enough for a night out on the town and classy enough to wear to the office the next day.