Sentence Examples

  • The freeliving differ from the majority of the parasitic forms in undergoing no metamorphosis; they also possess certain structural peculiarities which led Bastian (Trans.
  • At the south extremity of the hill, on the site of the bastian of south Caterina, a large terrace, the Passeggiata Umberto Primo, [has been constructed: it is much in use on summer evenings, and has a splendid view.
  • Bastian, Der Mensch in der Geschichte, 1860, ii.
  • Meyer, Die Insel Tenerife (Leipzig, 1896), " Uber die Urbewohner der canarischen Inseln," in Adolf Bastian Festschrift (Berlin, 1896); F.
  • Otto Stoll's studies in Guatemala, Berendt's in Central America, Ernst's in Venezuela, Im Thurn's in Guiana, those of Ehrenreich, von den Steinen, Meyer in Brazil, or of Bandelier, Bastian, Briihl, Middendorf, von Tschudi in Peru, afford the historian of comparative sociology ample groundwork for a comprehensive grasp of South American tribes.