Sentence Examples

  • A q3 ov, from ava(3aivav, to walk up, the reading-desk of early Basilican churches, also called iri pyos.
  • 705 on the foundations of the basilican church of St John: its plan differs therefore from the normal type in that its arcades run east and west, and the transept in the centre becomes the prayer chamber.
  • There are many early rock-cut churches in Abyssinia, closely resembling the Coptic. After these, two main types of architecture are found - one basilican, the other native.
  • The cathedral at Axum is basilican, though the early basilicas are nearly all in ruins - e.g.
  • The square type may be due to basilican influence, the circular is a mere adaptation of the native hut: in both, the arrangements are obviously based on Jewish tradition.

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