Sentence Examples

  • Everything Girl-In addition to creating online outfits in the colors of your choice, this site includes games, music, the latest Barbie information and the ability to make the site your home page and decorate it to your own liking.
  • Not only does the website provide a location to showcase all sorts of Barbie-related products (such as fashion accessories and home décor items), the website also features Barbie games that girls love to spend hours playing.
  • The hard-to-find Zhu Zhu Pet toy hamsters are in stock in going on sale for four bucks each, Barbie dolls are priced at five dollars and many articles of children's clothing are going to be reduced all the way down to four dollars.
  • Countless other friends have come and gone throughout the years, often one-shot characters designed to appear in a specific line, such as Miko, Tropical Barbie's 1985 friend and Chelsie, companion to 1999's Generation Girl Barbie.
  • This design was meant to offer a younger look for the doll, including less makeup, rooted eyelashes, and long, straight hair. 1972's Malibu Barbie was the first Barbie head mold with an open-mouthed smile.