Sentence Examples

  • The general slope of the southern part is southward to the river Balsas, or Mescala, which forms its boundary-line with Guerrero.
  • The Lerma, on the northern frontier, and the Balsas on the southern, are the only rivers of importance of the state, their tributaries within its boundaries being small and swift-flowing.
  • Of Morelia in a fertile valley of the Rio de las Balsas basin.
  • The more important rivers of the first division, which are described in more detail under the titles of the Brazilian states through which they flow, are the following: the Gurupy, Tury-assu, Mearim, Itapicuru and Balsas, in the state of Maranhao; the Parnahyba and its tributaries in Piauhy; Jaguaribe in Ceara; and the Apody and Piranhas in Rio Grande do Norte.
  • It receives only one important tributary from Maranhao - the Rio das Balsas, 447 m.

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