Sentence Examples

  • It is now awarded to bachelors of three years' standing on payment of a fee.
  • Thirteen M.A.'s and seven bachelors, besides the president, John Hornley, B.D., were named in the charter.
  • His name appears in 1477 in the Register of the Faculty of Arts at St Andrews, among the Determinants or Bachelors of Arts, and in 1479 among the masters of the university.
  • Indeed, there still existed on the statute a provision that "Masters and Bachelors who did not follow Aristotle faithfully were liable to a fine of five shillings for every point of divergence, and for every fault committed against the logic of the Organon."
  • In place of the monastic judicature a jury of six bachelors and six maidens appear in the 16th century.