Sentence Examples

  • In 750 Eadberht is said to have annexed a large part of Ayrshire to his kingdom.
  • WEST KILBRIDE, a town on the coast of Ayrshire, Scotland, near the mouth of Kilbride Burn, 4 m.
  • STRATHCLYDE, the name given in the 9th and 10th centuries to the British (Welsh) kingdom, which from the 7th century onwards was probably confined to the basin of the Clyde, together with the adjacent coast districts, Ayrshire, &c., on the west of Scotland.
  • ALEXANDER PEDEN (c. 1626-1686), Scottish divine, one of the leading forces in the Covenant movement, was born at Auchincloich, Ayrshire, about 1626, and was educated at Glasgow University.
  • It will be noticed that such characteristically milking breeds as the Ayrshire, Jersey and Guernsey have no place here.