Sentence Examples

  • The flowers are generally arranged in terminal or axillary clusters, and are markedly regular with the same number of parts in each series.
  • The flowers, which are solitary, or rarely in pairs, at the end of slender axillary flower-stalks, are very irregular in form, with five sepals prolonged at the base, and five petals, the lowest one larger than the others and with a spur, in which collects the honey secreted by the spurs of the two adjoining stamens.
  • Each podium consists of a portion of the stem bearing one or more leaves, each with an axillary bud or buds, and terminating in a tendril or an inflorescence.
  • While the tendril is thus diverted from its original direct course, the axillary bud of the leaf opposite the tendril begins a new podium, by lengthening into a shoot which assumes the direction the tendril had prior to its deflexion.
  • - With a deep cavity or pit on either side between the eye and the nose, lodged in the hollowed-out rr.axillary bone.