Sentence Examples

  • The small town had only dirt roads, and his glanced lingered towards a farmers market under the awnings in the center, a couple of blocks away.
  • At North Fond du Lac, just beyond the city limits, are car-shops of the two last-mentioned railways, and in the city are manufactories of machinery, automobiles, wagons and carriages, awnings, leather, beer, flour, refrigerators, agricultural implements, toys and furniture.
  • The hardier orchard-house fruits should now be moved outdoors under temporary awnings, to give the choicer fruits more space, - the roots being protected by plunging the pots.
  • One-third to be deducted off repairs to and renewal of woodwork of hull, masts and spars, furniture, upholstery, crockery, metal and glassware, also sails, rigging, ropes, sheets and hawsers (other than wire and chain), awnings, covers and painting.
  • It carries on bleaching and the manufacture of carriage bodies, awnings, drugs, biscuits, &c.