Sentence Examples

  • After studying law in Tuscany, he became an avocat at the upper council of Bastia, and was elected deputy of the Third Estate to the French states-general in 1789.
  • Cruppi, Un avocat journaliste au 18 e siecle, Linguet (Paris, 1895); A.
  • PAUL DE RAPIN (1661-1725), sieur of Thoyras, French historian, was the son of Jacques de Rapin, avocat at Castres (Tarn), where he was born on the 25th of March 1661.
  • Before the Revolution he was an avocat at Bernay.
  • He married in 1793 Mlle Deloche, daughter of a former avocat au conseil; the young pair were greatly straitened in means in consequence of the depreciation of the assignats.

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