Augustine Definition

ôgə-stēn, ô-gŭstĭn
A masculine name: var. Austin, Augustin; equiv. Ger. & Fr. Augustin, It. Agostino.
Webster's New World
Augustine of Hippost. augustinesaint augustine
proper name
(a.d. 354-430); early Christian church father, born in Numidia: bishop of Hippo in N Africa: his day is Aug. 28
Webster's New World
(died a.d. 604); Rom. monk sent to convert the English to Christianity: 1st archbishop of Canterbury: his day is May 27
Webster's New World
A male given name, notably borne by Saint Augustine of Hippo (354-430), a church father and a writer.
Early Christian church father and philosopher who served (396–430) as the bishop of Hippo (in present-day Algeria). Through such writings as the autobiographical Confessions (397) and the voluminous City of God (413–426), he profoundly influenced Christianity, arguing against Manichaeism and Donatism and helping to establish the doctrine of original sin.
American Heritage
Italian-born missionary and prelate who introduced Christianity to southern Britain and in 597 was ordained as the first archbishop of Canterbury.
American Heritage

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