Sentence Examples

  • Auch GIRONDE Bordeaux .
  • In Roman Gaul this territory formed part of the diocese of Auch (civitas Ausciorum), which corresponded roughly with the later duchy of Gascony.
  • In 1789 Armagnac was a province forming part of the Gouvernement-general of Guienne and Gascony; it was divided into two parts, High or White Armagnac, with Auch for capital, and Low or Black Armagnac. At the Revolution the whole of the original Armagnac was included in the department of Gers.
  • AUCH, a city of south-western France, capital of the department of Gers, 55 m.
  • Auch is built on the summit and sides of a hill at the foot of which flow the yellow waters of the Gers.

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