Sentence Examples

  • Hauptmann, head-man or captain; the Russian form is ataman), a military title formerly in use in Poland; the Hetman Wielki, or Great Hetman, was the chief of the armed forces of the nation, and commanded in the field, except when the king was present in person.
  • From Poland the word was introduced into Russia, in the form ataman, and was adopted by the Cossacks, as a title for their head, who was practically an independent prince, when under the suzerainty of Poland.
  • The title of "ataman" or "hetman of all the Cossacks" is held by the Cesarevitch.
  • "Ataman" or "hetman" is also the name of the elected elder of the stanitsa, the unit of Cossack administration.
  • The town is an archiepiscopal see of the Orthodox Greek Church, and possesses a cathedral (1904), a museum, the palace of the ataman (chief) of the Cossacks, and monuments to M.

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