Sentence Examples

  • Schools that accept at-risk children and adolescents require psychological and educational testing, as well as references or recommendations from a professional (usually a psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist).
  • However, the social promotion policies common in the 1970s, where students were kept with their age peers regardless of readiness for the next grade, does not produce academic success for at-risk students either.
  • Usually, at-risk alternative programs are offered at a special location within the public school district or at a location that is accessible to and serves multiple public schools (e.g., a county-wide program).
  • At-risk students usually have undergone school psychological and behavioral evaluation that identifies them as requiring specialized attention not available in the traditional school environment.
  • Although rates have declined in the United States since the introduction of antibiotics to at-risk women during labor in the 1980s, about 1,600 cases and 80 newborn deaths still occur each year.