Sentence Examples

  • That the daily sacrifices which form a feature of advanced cults involved the belief of the daily slaughter of some deity, and even before this stage was reached the primitive belief of the actual identification of the god with the animal must have yielded to some such belief as that the deity in accepting the sacrifice assimilates the animal to his own being, precisely as man assimilates the food that enters into his body.
  • 581, oration on the Baptism) asserts a " transformation " or " transelementation " (AeraarotXfiwo) of the elements into centres of mystic force; and assimilates their consecration to that of the water of baptism, of the altar, of oil or chrism, of the priest.
  • Their influence brought the Icelandic literature into new roads, and it is interesting to see how the tough Icelandic element gradually assimilates the foreign.
  • Their sandy or chestnut colouring assimilates them to the horse, and separates them widely from the African wild asses, which are grey.