Sentence Examples

  • " Winter " in-, 00 eludes October to arch at Sod, so Greenwich and Batavia; November to February at Kew ky and M Kew '110 Bureau Central; December 100, 100 November to January ' at Karasjok, and December and Janu ary at Perpignan.
  • Once more the word € ary ycWeVBat ("to proclaim good tidings") is a favourite one with Luke.
  • The opening and laying out, or, as it is generally called, "winning," of new collieries is rarely Prelimin- undertaken without a ary trial preliminary examination of coal= of the character of the workings.
  • The circles in the centre indicate a rectilinear series of indicate the five turns of the spiral, scales and two lateral secondand show the insertion of each of the ary spirals, one turning from leaves.
  • As soon as these laws had been carried (December 1867), Beust retired from the post of minister-president; and in accordance with constitutional practice a parliament ary ministry was appointed entirely from the ranks Burger of the Liberal majority; a ministry generally known Minis - as the " Burger Ministerium " in which Giskra and terium.