Sentence Examples

  • This is the Eastern or Chinese arbor vitae.
  • Ann Arbor is best known as the seat of the university of Michigan, opened in 1837.
  • As an evergreen with very good results, and so might the American arbor vitae if the natural soil presented no obstacle.
  • Only this time her focus spread out to other things; the arbor of forget-me-nots where they would exchange vows, the cake with its three tiers of cascading flowers.
  • The college was incorporated in 1835 as Spring Arbor Seminary, and in 1839 by an amended charter was located at Albion, where it was first opened in 1843 under the name of the Wesleyan Seminary of Albion; in 1849 it became the Wesleyan Seminary and Female Collegiate Institute, with power to grant degrees to women only; but in 1861 the present name was adopted and the college was permitted to grant degrees to men and women.