Sentence Examples

  • The Moreton Bay pine (Araucania Cunninghamii) is reckoned amongst the giants of the forest.
  • ARAUCANIA, the name of a large territory of Chile, South America, S.
  • Capuchins: Aden and Arabia, India (dioceses of Agra, Allahabad, Lahore), Seychelles, Eritrea (Red Sea), Gallas, Cephalonia, Trebizond, Mardin, Crete, Caroline Islands, Araucania, Brazil, Bulgaria.
  • In 1861 Antoine de Tounens (1820-1878), a French adventurer in Chile, proclaimed himself king of Araucania under the title of Orelie Antoine I., and tried to obtain subscriptions from France to support his enterprise.
  • See Domeyko, Araucania y sus habitantes (Santiago, 1846); de Ginoux, "Le Chili et les Araucans," in Bull.

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