Sentence Examples

  • (A description of the Patagonian part of Argentina will be found under Patagonia.) Rivers and Lakes.
  • Farther south, in Patagonia, the prevailing wind is westerly, in which case the Andes again " blanket " an extensive region and deprive it of rain, turning it into an arid desolate steppe.
  • The greater part of Patagonia is comparatively barren and has no arboreal growth, except in the well-watered valleys of the Andean foothills.
  • Hudson's Idle Days in Patagonia, and Naturalist in the La Plata; G.
  • The government maintains a naval school at Flores, a school of mechanics in Buenos Aires, an artillery school on the cruiser " Patagonia," and a school for torpedo practice at La Plata.