Sentence Examples

  • When substances in solution are dealt with, Thomsen indicates their state by affixing Aq to their symbols.
  • Thus [NaOH Aq, HNO 3 Aq] =13680 cal.
  • Thus the equation Cl 2 -1-2KI, Aq=2KC1, Aq+12+52400 cal., or (C12) +2KI, Aq =2KC1, Aq+[12]-I-52400 cal., would express that when gaseous chlorine acts on a solution of potassium iodide, with separation of solid iodine, 52400 calories are evolved.
  • When C vanishes j has the form j = pxg x, and (f,j) 3 = (ap) 2 (aq)ax = o.
  • Hence, from the identity ax (pq) = px (aq) -qx (ap), we obtain (pet' = (aq) 5px - 5 (ap) (aq) 4 pxg x - (ap) 5 gi, the required canonical form.