Sentence Examples

  • In modern times, however, by certain regulations, made in 1823, and repeated and enlarged in 1855, not only is it provided that the sovereign's permission by royal warrant shall be necessary for the reception by a British subject of any foreign order of knighthood, but further that such permission shall not authorize " the assumption of any style, appellation, rank, precedence, or privilege appertaining to a knight bachelor of the United Kingdom."
  • The analogous formula appertaining to n systems of quantities which Vienna Transactions, t.
  • Cattle and sheep were pastured on the common lands appertaining to the village, while pigs, which (especially in Kent) seem to have been very numerous, were kept in the woods.
  • He proclaimed the right of property as appertaining to the state, that is, to the whole community; BD.~eUf the doctrine of equality as absolutely opposed to social inequality of any kindthat of property as well as that of rank; and finally the ina4equacy of the solution of the agrarian question, which had profited scarcely any one, save a new class of privileged individuals.
  • Three societies demand special mention: the Union centrale des agriculteurs de France, to which the above syndicates are affiliated; the Sociit nationale dagriculture, whose mission is to further agricultural progress and to supply the government with information on everything appertaining thereto and the Socit des agriculteurs de France.