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  • Formed by a suffix (-aa), whereas the second aorist is a " strong " tense, distinguished by the form of the root-syllable, we expect to find a constant tendency to diminish the number of second aorists in use.
  • No new second aorists, we may be sure, were formed any more than new " strong " tenses, such as came or sang, can be formed in English.
  • Now in Homer there are upwards of 80 second aorists (not reckoning aorists of " Verbs in µc," such as i'ar,Y, i,3rpv), whereas in all Attic prose not more than 30 are found.
  • In Attic poets, it is true, the number of such aorists is much larger than in prose.
  • Of the poetical aorists in Attic the larger part are also Homeric. Others are not really Attic at all, but borrowed from earlier Aeolic and Doric poetry.

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