Sentence Examples

  • AOL LifeStream is an amazing new service that promises to aggregate data from each of your other social networks, providing you with a single online website to visit in order to view all of your online activities.
  • These proxies may be in order to filter and position content for members of a group such as AOL, providing a specific kind of experience and sometimes "caching" content so that sites will load more quickly.
  • There are also desktop images which can be used for MySpace backgrounds, as well as icons that are used for various social networking sites such as Twitter, AOL Instant Messenger and more.
  • RED is a game created by AOL with very entertaining drawings and a fairly tricky "heartbeat" feedback mechanism to let you know if you are making a good impression on your "date."
  • Stations here are separated by genre, but expect to find things you won't find on the more mainstream AOL Radio shows, like drum and bass, German electronica and much more.