Sentence Examples

  • You'll notice that most cellular phone plans are targeted at adults, coming with features -- like mobile email and mobile web surfing -- that younger children not be able to use anyways.
  • Anyways, he is graduating this year but planning on staying here for college (as do I) and I have one more year before I graduate but we will stay really close friends after high school.
  • This was before the days of hopping into a LAN Counterstrike game, before it was feasible to have a real deathmatch using some variation of the Doom engine... for me, anyways.
  • More recent Sonic games, like -- Sonic the Hedgehog for PS3 -- haven't been received very well by critics, so you'll want a background from his two-dimensional days anyways.
  • As the only human (or close enough, anyways) character in a new town, you walk around making friends, sending packages, and visiting the nearby beach for some fishing.