Sentence Examples

  • Patients who undergo the cardiac implant procedure take a daily anticoagulant medication such as aspirin or warfarin (Coumadin) for three to six months after the procedure.
  • If the patient is taking anticoagulant medications, vitamin K supplements are not recommended, and foods high in vitamin K are limited, since they counteract the action of the medication.
  • Anticoagulant medications, including heparin or warfarin and low-dose aspirin, may be prescribed to prevent existing blood clots from enlarging and to prevent the formation of new clots.
  • Children who have had a valve replaced must take an anticoagulant medication, usually warfarin (Coumadin), in order to minimize the possibility of a clot forming on the prosthetic valve.
  • If the cardiac catheterization indicates that a closure device would be an effective treatment, an anticoagulant medication, is given intravenously to reduce the risk of blood clot.