Sentence Examples

  • ANTHRAQUINONE, C 14 H 8 O 3, an important derivative of anthracene, first prepared in 1834 by A.
  • In a similar manner anthrapurpurin is prepared by alkali fusion of anthraquinone 2.8 disulphonic acid.
  • A more delicate method consists in adding a very little anthraquinone and sodium amalgam; absolute alcohol gives a green coloration, but in the presence of minute traces of water a red coloration appears.
  • When the oxidation is complete, the anthraquinone is separated in a filter press, washed and heated to 120° C. with commercial oil of vitriol, using about 22 parts of vitriol to i of anthraquinone.
  • This compound on heating with phosphoric anhydride loses water and yields anthraquinone, CsH4 O 15 CsH