Sentence Examples

  • Of that of Hephaestus only two columns remain, while of that of Asclepius, a mile to the south of the town, an anta and two pillars are preserved.
  • In the Chaco the tapir or anta (Tapir americanus) still finds a safe retreat, and the peccary (Dycotyles torquatus) ranges from Cordoba north to the Bolivian frontier.
  • The pachyderms are represented by three species of the peccary (Dicotyles) and two of the anta, or tapir (Tapirus).
  • Americanus, which is the larger and best known, and the anta chure, found in Minas Geraes, which is said to be identical with the T.
  • The walls ended at the front in the form of an anta delicately carved.