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  • On, and by Stockmar, the prince thus soon took the de facto place of the sovereign's private secretary, though he had no official status as such; and his system of classifying and annotating the queen's papers and letters resulted in the preservation of what the editors of the Letters of Queen Victoria (1907) describe as" probably the most extraordinary collection of state documents in the world "- those up to 1861 being contained in between Soo and 600 bound volumes at Windsor.
  • His power of work was unbounded, and he had an absolute love of reading, annotating and drafting despatches.
  • The scanty leisure of his first recess had been devoted to writing his St Andrews rectorial address on higher education and to answering attacks on his criticism of Hamilton; of the second, to annotating in conjunction with Bain and Findlater, his father's Analysis of the Mind.
  • The hard work of collecting, printing, annotating and translating Greek and Latin authors had been accomplished.

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