Sentence Examples

  • 7) - thus six in all (as in some Crustacea), including prosthomeres, all ankylosed by their terga to form a cephalic shield.
  • The horizontal ramus, long, straight, and compressed, gradually narrows towards the symphysis, where it expands laterally to form with the ankylosed opposite ramus the wide, semicircular, shallow alveolar border for the incisor teeth.
  • A few frogs have the skin of the back studded with stellate bony deposits Phyllomedusa, Nototrema), whilst two genera are remarkable for possessing a bony dorsal shield, free from the vertebrae (Ceratorphrys) or ankylosed to them (Brachycephalus).
  • The teeth are not implanted in sockets, but become ankylosed with the .ttr c bones that bear them, and are replaced by FIG.

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