Sentence Examples

  • The Olive Kids brand was designed by Anita Oliveira Brandwein and Russell Brandwein, two frustrated parents looking for alternatives to the television-saturated, character-themed bedding previously on the market.
  • The classic definition of polyamory, as described by Anita Wagner of the Loving More Foundation, is "multiple simultaneous romantic relationships with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved."
  • This cotton nursing bra is similar to the first Anita look previously mentioned, except for the fact that this version offers you one hundred percent cotton.
  • The Women of Joy conferences allow Anita to perform her parodies in front of large crowds; she has been traveling with the conference for almost five years.
  • Anita Lavine is director of public relations for Screenlife, a Seattle-based game company that is the creator and leading developer of DVD games.