Sentence Examples

  • Ance in some of the larger cities.
  • Hodeda is the only port of any import ance since the days of steamships began; the other ports, Mokha, aohaia and Kanfuda merely share in the coasting trade.
  • Having captured Frankfort-on-Oder and forced the hesitating elector of Brandenburg, George William, to grant him some assistThe earn- ance, Gustavus Adolphus added the Saxon army to his paignof, own, and in September 1631 he met Tilly, at the heed Gustavus of nearly the whole force of the League, at Breitenfeld, P near Leipzig,, where he gained a victory which placed North Germany entirely at his feet.
  • Partition Louis had the territory on the right bank of the Rhine, of the with Spires, Worms and Mainz because of the abundEmpire at ance of wine.
  • Victor AmadeusIl.sreignwasof greatimport- I ance in the history of his state.