Sentence Examples

  • Solereders great work, Systematische Anatomic der Dicotyledoen (Stuttgart, 1898-I908; Eng.
  • Cycadales: Mettenius, " Beitrdge zur Anatomic der Cycadeen," Abh.
  • Anatomic, Berlin, 1845) as that of a primary division of animals, the others recognized in that treatise being Protozoa, Zoophyta, Vermes, Mollusca and Vertebrata.
  • P. 46, 1879; Leisering, Atlas der Anatomic des Pferdes (Leipzig, 1861); O.
  • Xxiv.; Fischer, Fixirung, Fdrbung and Bau des Protoplasmas (Jena, 1899); Flemming, Morphologic der Zelle, Ergebnisse der Anatomic und Entwickelungsgeschichte (i 896); Gardiner, The 1-listology of the Cell-Wall, with Special Reference to the iVlode of Connection of Cells, Proc. Roy.