Sentence Examples

  • When a solution of the strength of about i in zo is applied to the skin it produces a local anaesthesia which lasts for many hours.
  • Some of them are so volatile that they produce their effects when inhaled, others when sprayed upon the skin cause intense cold and then anaesthesia; but taken in the broadest sense the action of all of them after absorption into the blood is very similar, and is exerted upon the central nervous system, more especially the cerebrum.
  • Bartlett, of Dr Horace Wells (1815-1848), the discoverer of anaesthesia; and one, by E.
  • Morphine-scopolamine anaesthesia was introduced in 1902 by Steinbiickel.
  • It is largely used in dentistry and slight surgical operations to produce local anaesthesia, and is known by the trade-name kelene.