Sentence Examples

  • In both cases the amplitude of the oscillations decreases more or less rapidly.
  • (25) The sum of the disturbance is obtained by adding (24) and (25) y = y l +y 2 = 2a cos Ut s i n 57 x, (26) At any given instant t this is a sine curve of amplitude 2a cos (27r/A)Ut, and of wave-length A, and with nodes at x = o, a A, A, ..., that is, there is no displacement at these nodes whatever the value of t, and between them the displacement is always a sine curve, but of amplitude varying between +2a and - 2a.
  • Thus Mach found an amplitude 0 2 cm.
  • The 12-hour term is much less variable, especially as regards its phase angle; its amplitude shows distinct maxima near the equinoxes.
  • The maximum velocity of a particle in the wave-train is the amplitude of dy/dt.