Sentence Examples

  • The amicus briefs urged the court to consider a reduction in the defendant's murder sentence.
  • Massaria, De peste (Venice, 1597); Diomedes Amicus, Tres tractatus (Venice, 1599), 4to; Victor de Bonagentibus, Decem problemata de peste (Venice, 1556), 8vo; Georgius Agricola, De peste libri tres (Basel, 1554) 8vo.
  • Owed certain duties to the lord; he promised fidelity and service; and the lord was bound to perform reciprocal duties, not very clearly defined, to the vassal - Dominus vassallo conjux et amicus dicitur.
  • The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a motion to appear as amicus curiae in the discrimination case.
  • From this time, probably, East Anglia was governed by English earls, the most famous of whom were zEthelstan, surnamed Half - King (932-956) and his sons, lEthelwold (956-962), and tEthelwine, surnamed Dei amicus (962-992).