Sentence Examples

  • Similar amending bills were introduced in the 1905 and 1906 sessions, but were withdrawn.
  • In 1904 the president of the Board of Trade brought in a bill on practically the same lines as the amending bill of 1903.
  • A similar system was introduced into South Australia by an act passed in 1900 amending the Factory Act of 1894, which was the first legislation of the sort passed in that state.
  • Propositions to establish the judiciary on a more permanent tenure were also voted down in 1814, 1822, 1857 and 1870, and the state still elects its judges for two years' terms. On its own suggestion, the council of censors was abolished in 1870 and the present method of amending the constitution was adopted.
  • This was an amending act and not a consolidating act; consequently it had to be read as if incorporated into the already existing acts.

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