Sentence Examples

  • By these means a large and rapidly increasing revenue is being secured to government; while the condition of the peasantry and people is being greatly ameliorated, an adequate but not excessive income is being secured to the native rulers; and the class of middlemen who lived by extortion and absorbed a great part of the wealth of the country is being abolished.
  • The lot of the slaves was also somewhat ameliorated by the law forbidding their exportation.
  • The condition of the unfortunate prisoner seemed about to be ameliorated, for the kind-hearted emperor visited and sympathized with him; but Peter himself was overthrown a few weeks later.
  • In the Empire the affairs of the Church were ameliorated - though not so quickly - by the Concordat of Vienna (1448).
  • He improved the state of trade, lowered taxation, encouraged industry and promoted education, ameliorated the judicature and materially raised the credit of Russia.