Sentence Examples

  • ALENCON, a town of north-western France, capital of the department of Orne, 36 m.
  • Geoffrey occupied the border fortress of Alencon with the good will of the inhabitants.
  • Of Alencon on the railway from Le Mans to Caen.
  • By his wife Catherine de' Medici he had seven children living: Elizabeth, queen of Spain; Claude, duchess of Lorraine; Francis (II.), Charles (IX.) and Henry (III.), all of whom came to the throne; Marguerite, who became queen of Navarre in 1572; and Francis, duke of Alencon and afterwards of Anjou, who died in 1584.
  • He and his bastard brother, Alexander, were joined by the former favourite, Georges de la Tremoille, John V., duke of Brittany, who allied himself with the English, the duke of Alencon, the count of Vendome, and captains of mercenaries like Antoine de Chabannes, or Jean de la Roche.