Sentence Examples

  • His comedies give a truthful and interesting picture of 18th century society, especially his best comedy, the Alec rim e Mangerona, in which he treats of the fidalgo pobre, a type fixed by Gil Vicente and Francisco Manoel de Mello.
  • Mrs Alec Tweedie's Mexico as I saw it (London, 1901) and Life of Porfirio Diaz (1906) contain valuable information personally obtained from good authorities in Mexico.
  • His first conspicuous success was achieved in 1862 with David Elginbrod, the forerunner of a number of popular novels, which include Alec Forbes of Howglen (1865), Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood (1866), Robert Falconer (1868), Malcolm (1875), The Marquis of Lossie (1877), and Donal Grant (1883).
  • He collected Rumanian popular songs and Alec- ballads (Dome, 1844) (Llicramioare, 1853).
  • 25), transcriptions (the first form modified by reference to the etymology) of the Greek Alec-alas, (Mevias, Meador), which in turn represents the Aramaic K,47?