Sentence Examples

  • With regard to the nutritive value of oatmeal, as compared with that of wheat flour, it contains a higher percentage of albuminoids than any other grain, viz.
  • Albuminoids is the anatomical name given to albuminous substances forming the connective tissues.
  • Typical albuminoids are gelatin, keratin, elastin, fibroin, spongin and conchiolin.
  • Under these conditions the lactose decomposes into dark-brown fission products, the fat loses its emulsified condition and separates out as cream which cannot be made to diffuse again even by shaking, and the albuminoids are converted into a form very difficult of digestion.
  • It is known as flour from which bakers can make the best quality of bread, and also the largest quantity per barrel, the quantity of albuminoids being greater in Canadian flour than in the best brands of European.

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