Sentence Examples

  • Captain Dale Dye, the Military Technical Advisor for the previous Medal of Honor games, is again onboard for Airborne to ensure this latest installment is true to both the series and to World War II technology.
  • Are you looking for a Miele vacuum filter? If so, Miele makes several types of filters that can reduce airborne allergens, trap particles and make the air you breathe in your home cleaner and healthier.
  • Smokers would be wise to supplement with extra vitamin B-12, since this powerful antioxidant has shown itself to be particularly effective at combating carcinogens in general and the ill effects of airborne pollution in particular.
  • Indoor lighting, airborne contaminants, and ultraviolet light will all have an impact on the rate and extent of fading.Inspect used pieces by flipping upholstered cushions and viewing wooden or leather furniture from all sides.
  • All molds are not dangerous, though, and knowing what identifies toxic mold is vital to keep your home protected, which is especially important during times like remodeling when you could stir up any airborne substances.